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Go to Gift List

Gift List

Get the gifts you want while making it quick and easy to send you money by adding exactly what you want. A perfect honeymoon or help to buy a house, with easy PayPal payments your guests will love this.

Go to Guest Lists

Guest Lists

Create your guest list online with WeddingPress, you can inite people to certain parts of the wedding give them options of meals and drinks and even include an option of if they need a high chair. Once done its one button press to send your invite!

Go to Online RSVP

Online RSVP

Your guests can RSVP directly online, they will only see what they have been invited to so there is no risk to Uncle Tony inviting himself to breakfast the morning after! Guests can pick meal, drinks, highchair options and more. Once completed they will get an email confirming their choices.

Go to Easy To Configure

Easy To Configure

We want WeddingPress to work for you straight away so we make it as easy to get started as possible. If you do want to change any settings everything is in an easy to use section and is only a click away.


The Best Wedding WordPress Plugin
WeddingPress makes your wedding easier!

Weddingpress is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to have your very own wedding website where people can buy you gifts and reply to your invites safely and easily. It only takes a few minutes to set up your website and guests will be impressed at how modern and easy your wedding is! Weddingpress was built for a wedding and then turned into a product, that means you can be assured that it has everything you need for your wedding and more!
We want you to have a great time with Weddingpress so we’ve made sure its easy to use. We’ve also created a great documentation website that you can search for whatever you need to do, it also has great quick start guides. If anything does go wrong we want you to know that our support team will be there to support you with quick, friendly and helpful support.

  • Over the last year 88% our our support tickets were answered early.

  • Over the last year our documentation websites have seen a 99 % uptime.

  • So far we have had no requests for refunds, all are customers are left happy.

  • We always act on any bugs that are raised as quickly as possible to ensure WeddingPress is bug free and working perfectly.