3rd March 2017

Our Take on the Nintendo Switch


If you haven’t heard of the Nintendo Switch yet you will do soon, it is tipped to be the hottest selling console of the year and the must have gift for Christmas 2017. Coming after the muted response for their last console the Nintendo Wii U the Switch is Nintendo’s last chance of ensuring they remain a big player in the video game console industry. This means they have to release a console that is near perfect, well priced and appeals to almost everyone. Quite a big ask but if any company is up to the challenge it’s Nintendo!

Flexibility is key

The Switch is Nintendos idea of how to change how people play video games, combining the power of a home console like the Xbox One or PS4 and the portability of a hand held console with the motion controls that made the Nintendo Wii so popular.
To do this the system is essentially a tablet with attachable controllers on each side. You can play with the controllers attached as a handheld, flip the integrated kickstand out and detach the controllers for table top gaming or slide the Switch into it’s dock to play on the TV. Brilliantly easy and fun!

What does it come with?

Out of the box you will get the Switch console which looks like a chunky tablet , two joy-con controllers, a comfort grip controller that joins the joy-cons into a more familiar controller shape and the Switch dock. You will also get a HDMI cable and a power cable. The Dock is just for charging and optionally playing on a TV, it also has three USB ports for charging or connecting storage.
Inside is 32GB of memory which will be enough if you buy your games on cartridges but if you’re looking to download games you’ll need to add a MicroSD card to bolster the storage.

Hands On Review

We managed to get a Nintendo Switch the week after the release, currently stock is very very limited! From opening the box to the first switch on the impression is that this is a quality product and very well made. The controllers slide on with ease and have a very safe feeling release button to make sure it stays on. The Switch is quick and user friendly, much much easier to use than the PS4 or Xbox One and much quicker too. The handheld is not too heavy and not too light making it easy for long gaming sessions and heavy enough to not feel flimsy. The weight would not be an issue for a child of about 10 or more to use the switch in a handheld mode.
The screen is great quality and the games look fantastic on it booting quickly and generally running fine! Battery life varies as to what you’re doing on it but playing Zelda will get you about 3 hours, the joy-cons will last around 25 hours until the battery runs out.

What About The Games

The most important part of a video game console are the games, a console without amazing games is always due to fail. Currently there aren’t too many games available for the Nintendo Switch but what it does have is one AMAZING game. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been met with glowing reviews and is considered one of the best games of all time, this alone is a great reason to buy a Nintendo Switch!
We picked up a copy of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the console and can confirm first hand that this is a truly amazing game, fantastic graphics, massive expansive worlds and a great story line. The game is both challenging and easy to pick up, once you’ve started playing you’re not going to want to stop. The Legend Of Zelda has a huge heritage and expectations were very high for this game which makes it even more amazing that this game has been met with such warm reception!
In the next few months there are even more great games coming to the switch like Mario Kart 8 and a brand new 3D Mario Role Playing game which from the trailers so far just looks so good!

Where To Buy a Nintendo Switch

As you can tell from our hands on review of the Nintendo Switch, it is a truly remarkable console which we recommend to familys, first time and serious gamers. The ability to play on your TV and then take your game with you is amazing especially if your spouse wants the TV for something else! So you’ve decided to buy a Switch whats next? You’ve probably heard that they are sold out and stock could be limited to even after Christmas! So we have compiled a list with handy links of where you can go to buy a Switch, check out the links below to find one in stock!

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